When it comes to the comfortable climate in you house, you need a partner you can trust. Most homeowners think about the “heating and cooling guy” when furnace or air conditioner repair is needed. Getting comfortable temperature in your house or the workplace is extremely important and it is just the first step. According to ANSI/ASHRAE Standards, temperature is just one of the factors which specifies our comfort and others include humidity, air movement, and others. As important as your comfort to K Komfort is, it is secondary to the safety. The way your heating and cooling system is configured, installed, and operating, may have tremendous effect to your safety, health, comfort, energy efficiency, and structure integrity. This is why every time our Service Technicians, Installers, or Komfort Advisors visit your home they will be looking for the ways to have your HVAC system improved.

To ensure the best safety, comfort, and low energy bills of our clients we are proud to offer Lennox products. Lennox furnaces, air conditioners, and indoor air quality products offer unmatched comfort, energy efficiency, and reliability.


Our Mission

To become the leading HVAC company in the communities we serve, by developing long-term relationships with our team members, clients, and partners.

K Komfort offers wide variety of products and services. Products we offer include but not limited to furnaces, air conditioner, boilers, ductless minisplit systems, humidifiers, thermostats and controls, including smart wi-fi thermostats, UV lights, filters and purifiers, dehumidifiers, water heaters, zoning, Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV), Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV), commercial boilers, Packaged Rooftop Units (RTU), Makeup Air Units (MAU), VAV boxes, exhaust fans, carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke detectors, and others. Our services include, furnace, air conditioners, and boilers maintenance and repair, safety checks, furnace and AC preseason tune ups, new systems installation, commercial equipment maintenance, commercial and residential duct cleaning, etc.


Our Values

  • We do more than just “fix furnaces”, we look to improve safety and comfort of our clients.
  • Every team member continuously improves our processes and procedures.
  • We offer the best products and technologies available on the market.
  • We actively participate in the life of the local communities.

K Komfort has been in business since 2007 constantly growing our products and services line and quality of work. We are invested in continuous improvement of our services and spend significant resources to training of our field and office staff.

Why is K Komfort the best Choice for You?


We are a fully-licensed and insured heating and air conditioning contractor


We are well-trusted throughout Fox Cities, with satisfied customers across the entire region.

Your satisfaction guaranteed

We guarantee your satisfaction — our number one priority is to ensure we do the job right, and do it well.

Best products on the market

We sell and service some of the best products on the market, most notably the Lennox Signature product line.

24/7/365 Service

We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Emergency line

Have an emergency? Don’t hesitate! Give us a call right now — 920-779-8838.

Our Customers testimonials

Great company to deal with. My 4 year old furnace went out during the middle of the night on the day after Christmas, and after reading the reviews, I called K Komfort, which was a great choice. Someone was there within an hour.

Michael C

We had an excellent experience with K Komfort. After we found out we need a new a/c unit, we called around and were told “a few days” by other companies. Slava came out to our house late on a Monday afternoon to go over our options and within 48 hours we have a new unit up and running.
Everyone at K Komfort was friendly and professional. We’ll definitely be using them in the future!

Keri A

I cannot say enough good about our experience with these guys. Called them on a -50° morning they were here within an hour and had his back up and running before we knew it. Quality and value I felt was absolutely top-notch. Thanks guys appreciate all of your help!

Jeffrey B

I needed someone to fix my air conditioner quickly a week ago in the middle of the hot 80-90 degree weather season so I started asking for references and two of my friends recommended K Komfort. Not only the problem got fixed quickly, but I found their prices to be very competitive (I’ve checked around). Very happy with my first experience with K Komfort! Professional attitude, friendly staff, and very knowledgeable technician who explained and showed me everything that was done!

Denis M

Had them replace our old furnace and AC last fall because their quote was significantly less that other places we called. Then, we recently had an issue with one of our vents and they were able to come out the following day and take a look. Turns out it was a simple turn of a knob to get things working. He was only here for about 10 minutes and didn’t charge me because of the quick fix! Very courteous and kind. Would highly recommend and will be using them for any future neeur.

Emily M

When we experienced an unexpected failure of our heating system which resulted in a carbon monoxide alarm, representatives from K Komfort quickly arrived at our residence to assess the situation. After finding and explaining the cause, they offered the option of repairing the existing furnace, or replacing the unit altogether. We chose the replacement option.
An installation technician arrived with a new furnace shortly thereafter. His pride in workmanship was evidenced by his obvious knowledge of relevant codes, as well as his fine attention to detail. The job site was cleaned up after completion, the system was thoroughly checked for proper operation, and the old furnace was taken away for recycling.
We highly recommend K Komfort for all of your heating and cooling needs!!

Kenneth S

I am very impressed with the service of K Komfort. I had some other hvac company come to my property to diagnose and repair the issue with my upstairs ac unit. The “other” guys stated that it looked fine and it was running as it should. I called up K Komfort for a second opinion and they scheduled me asap and came to look at the problem. Cory was able to find the issue in the first 10 min of being there and get me on the right track to getting it repaired. Very fair price and quick quality work. Happy that I found my new hvac company.

Jaremax W


K Komfort believes in supporting our local community. Here are just a few of the programs we are involved in the local community:

Wrestling sponsorship.

K Komfort is a proud sponsor of Hortonville’s youth wrestling program because we believe in helping young athletes grow and become successful individuals who contribute to the community.

Feel The Love program.

K Komfort is proud to participate in the Lennox Feel The Love program.  This program is a collaboration between local HVAC contractors across the United States and Lennox Industries.  Feel the Love started right here in Wisconsin! Under this program, members of the local community nominate an individual in need and K Komfort installs a new natural gas furnace kindly provided by Lennox free of charge. We truly believe that it is our responsibility as an active member of the community to provide safety and comfort to all.

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Currently, the following positions are open with K Komfort:


  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Provide top notch customer service to the clients
    • Install residential and commercial HVAC equipment, including furnaces, air conditioners, boilers, rooftop units, unit heaters, etc.
    • Install air quality equipment, including HVAC controls, humidifiers, UV lights, air purifiers, filters, ERV, HRV, smoke, gas, and carbon monoxide detectors, etc.
    • Install ductwork
    • Install exhaust fans
    • Run gas line
    • Offer clients safety, air quality, and comfort solutions
    • Follow safety and quality procedures
    • Keep work vehicle in order

Service Technicians

  • Duties and responsibilities
    • Provide top notch customer service to the clients
    • Perform maintenance on residential and commercial furnaces, air conditioners, boilers, rooftop units, and other HVAC equipment
    • Service and repair furnace, air conditioners, boilers, and other HVAC equipment
    • Offer clients safety, air quality, and comfort solutions
    • Follow safety and quality procedures
    • Keep work vehicle in order

Our key employees

Jane Krol

President | CEO

Jane with her family, came from Belarus (one of the republics of former Soviet Union) in 2004. In Belarus, Jane earned a degree equivalent to a Bachelor of Science degree, in Business Administration and worked in different capacities as a business manager. Since the foundation of K Komfort, Jane has been involved in various aspects of the company set up. Developing standards and procedures for the day-to-day operation including: sales, office work, bookkeeping, and customer service. Today Jane is proudly holding the position of President, and is in charge of managing and controlling the daily operation. Jane is married and raising two sons, Roman and David, who help with office work during summer breaks to earn some money towards their college education.

Eugene Krol

Technical Manager

Eugene is a co-founder and a Technical Manager of K Komfort Heating & Cooling. Eugene along his brother Slava came from Belarus in 2004. He has a Master’s Degree in Industrial HVAC Systems and has had multiple positions in the industry from Thermal Power Plant line worker, to HVAC Systems Design Manager. After moving to Milwaukee, Eugene earned a Master’s Degree from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He also worked as an HVAC Systems Designer and Energy Savings consultant. In 2007, Eugene decided to pursue an American Dream and run family business with Slava. HVAC field has always been Eugene’s passion and today he is involved in many aspects of K Komfort, from field work to business strategies.

Slava Krol

Vice President

Slava is a co-founder and the Vice-President of K Komfort. Slava came to the U.S. in 2004 from Belarus where he earned Master’s Degree in Transportation Engineering and Management and continued to teach at the University he graduated from. After moving to the U.S., he also earned Master’s Degree in Engineering from MSOE and along with his brother Eugene founded K Komfort Heating & Cooling. Slava has experience in multiple fields and industries. Today he is responsible for Marketing and Business Development as well as many other areas of company’s everyday life.

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Home Comfort and Air Quality


There are two most important contributing factors to the comfort in our living and work spaces: temperature and humidity. The vast majority of the home owners and property maintenance specialists concentrate on getting the temperature right, but overlook the humidity level. Having proper humidity is crucial for health, comfort, energy savings, and structural integrity of a building. When the humidity is too low during winter months, it causes dry skin, static electricity build up, and you always feel cold even while raising temperature. When you have a properly working humidifier connected to you forced air system, you may experience too high humidity during heating season. We often receive phone calls from our clients mentioning that their windows are sweating. This happens when the temperature outside is very low and the humidity inside is high. Below is a table, showing how humidity should be adjusted depending on the outside temperature.

Outdoor Temperature, F Recommended Humidity Level (%RH)
+40 45
+30 40
+20 35
+10 30
+0 25
-10 20
-20 15


Air Quality

Along with temperature and humidity, air quality is extremely important for wellbeing of your loved ones and productivity of your employees. There are three components of indoor air quality: particulates, microorganisms, and VOC coming from chemicals we use in the household and at work. Most of the forced air systems are equipped with air filters which need to be replaced on time. While filters typically do a fairly good job taking care of the larger particles (dust), their openings are too large for microorganisms such as mold, viruses, bacterias, etc. UV lights and purifiers are used to eliminate smaller particles and microorganisms. Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) and Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) help to remove Volatile Organic Compounds and bring in fresh air into the space.



There are hundreds of HVAC contractors in Wisconsin. Why is K Komfort the one right for you?

  • We are licensed and insured.
  • As a Lennox dealer, we carry a line of products which unmatched quality, efficiency, and represent a manufacturer which stands firmly behind their product with long term warranties.
  • In addition to manufacturer’s product warranty, K Komfort provides a Lifetime Warranty on the Installation Craftsmanship.
  • We perform room by room heat loss calculation to properly size the equipment prior to the installation. According to US Department of Energy heat loss calculation should be performed in order to provide maximum equipment efficiency, guarantee longer equipment lifetime, and control installation cost upfront. https://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy11osti/51603.pdf
  • Our installers and service technicians use digital refrigeration gauges. According to Texas A&M University research, improperly charging of air conditioning units will reduce their efficiency performance. “A 20% undercharge resulted in a 21% reduction in SEER while a 20% overcharge produced an 11% reduction in SEER.”


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